Thursday, May 02, 2013

My All Sufficient One

In Genesis 17, after the birth of Ishmael via Sarai's plan, God reminded Abram of His promise of an heir of His providing. In that encounter, God identified himself as El Shaddai. The El identifies God as all mighty and Shaddai who has exhaustless bounty. Quite literally, God was reminding Abram that He is Abram's All-Sufficient One. Though Abram may have thought he had to make God's plan for an heir happen on his own, God emphasized that He would provide Abram an heir.

I've watched my mother struggle with treatments that seemed to make her worse. Yes, we pray for healing, but one thing I know, either here or in heaven, she will be healed. At my mother's knee I learned that the Bible is God's word, truth with a capital T. We can trust Him and His love and mercy.

He meets her needs. While her body remains frail God, our  all-sufficient One gives her a peace that passes understanding, He gives me the physical, mental and emotional strength to watch over her and care for her as she did me for so many years. As one who deals with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, that's a miracle.

Though my heart aches, my All-Sufficient God who provides, my resource and sufficiency, the pourer forth of blessings. He nourishes, supplies and satisfies. He gives us His very presence, and walks with us through the difficult times comforting us.  And we know we're never alone.