Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why, God? Part 1

For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light. -- Mark 4:22

We all wonder why innocent people die in terrorists' attacks, why children get sick or suffer despicable abuse. We see images of war and famine. We shake our fists at God and declare that a loving God wouldn't allow such things to happen. If He was good, He'd intervene and dispense justice.

Why? At the question's root is our need to understand with our minds when the very heart of faith is trusting God when we have unanswered questions. 
I try to remind myself of what I know, what I've exerienced. God is good. He never changes, and I can trust Him. I know this not only because the scriptures tell me this, but through my own relationship with Him. He has shared my sorrow, dried my tears, consoled me after my failures and given me great joy. He understands me and has  assured me I am loved.

When I demand to understand why, I forfeit the peace of God and entrance into the sabbath rest that is our right. That's having peace without understanding why. What is the alternative? Turmoil. Pain. Aloneness. Denying that God exists, or that He cares doesn't make the pain go away. It merely ensures that we walk through the inevitable suffering without the comforting presence of God.

Certainly, this isn't going to make sense to anyone who doesn't know God or have a relationship with Him. To some, the very mention of the name of God to someone in difficulty or seeing injustice often triggers the release of intense rage and bitterness.

In No Greater Gift, Grace Ryan's faith in God and in His love for her falters. She's tried to serve and obey Him her entire life, and now it appears she's lost everything. She can't help but ask why.
Though the answers aren't simple, they do exist.

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